Our Vision

Putting residents at the heart of development


Urban Village moves away from an extractive property development model where residents have to passively accept what’s been created for them. We are moving towards an inclusive model where residents’ homes and the villages they inhabit are created by them.

We’ve chosen to take a new angle, a new vantage point on some of our long-standing problems in Queenstown: cold, dark and damp houses; the high cost and unattainability of housing; the scarcity of housing options; the uncertainty of tenancies; and the missing sense of community within our lived communities.

Urban Village brings people together to develop places on purpose.

  • A purpose of creating quality homes that are warm, bright and dry.

  • A purpose of building sustainable buildings that respect the land and the surrounding environment.

  • A purpose of making homes more affordable.

  • A purpose of nurturing genuine village communities where residents are involved and feel they belong.

We believe in quality design.

Everybody should have access to quality architecture and design. Investing in quality design and the clever use of space aims to increase both personal and collective wellbeing. Density done well. It’s about creating a new standard, a new level of expectation.

We believe in sustainability.

Building with a low carbon footprint and creating a high-performing home that reduces the on-going costs of running the home. A passive style home means year round comfort in all rooms of your house, even in our harsh climate. Healthier, thermally-efficient, low maintenance homes that are more comfortable and save energy.

We believe in value.

This is not an affordable housing initiative, but a better value initiative. Homes built are high quality with a higher cost to create but we are weaving in a number of threads to make home ownership more accessible. Removing the margin that traditional developers are charging. You buy your home at cost, rather than market price. Co-owning your home through our shared equity scheme, with a view to gradually owning your home outright. Partnering with values-aligned finance providers to lower the deposit requirements for villagers.

To get a sense of the likely costs reach out to us or register your interest. And when it comes to affordable housing schemes, there are some fantastic community housing providers like our friends locally at Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust.

We believe in genuine community.

Community doesn’t just come from the product. It comes from the process. True neighbourhood bonds grow from sharing conversation, sharing challenges and sharing ideas. Sharing moments - of joy, of suffering, of celebration. Because you create something meaningful together you get to know your fellow villagers along the journey. That journey helps build trust and mutual respect, including respecting each other’s private space and time.