Become a Villager.

Want to be part of the resident led development story? Want to create good quality housing with high energy performance, low carbon emissions and high social connectivity? Then partner with us by joining one of projects as an ethical angel investor and park your capital into one of New Zealand’s most desirable locations while we create quality owner occupier housing.  

Your capital will form part of a shared ownership fund where you money subsides the purchase of the property for our end users. in return you get long term capital growth with no costs or fees.


Urban Village 1


Want to be one of the households living in Queenstown Urban Village 1. We are hoping to provide our households a terraced townhouse in the range of $500,000-$800,000 under a shared equity scheme. or $600,000-$950,000 sole ownership. Income earning assets such as a café/office/apartment, owned by the body corporate, further enhance the financial sustainability of being part of this development.

Shared Equity Partners


Do you want long term investment in one of New Zealands premium real estate markets, while helping owner occupiers put down roots into a community with sustainable and quality townhouses? Our urban villages aim to enhance economic, social and environmental sustainablilty outcomes for our households.